Harness and Lanyard Service Life

Do fall protection harnesses and lanyards expire? What is a standard harness and lanyard service life? Your safety while working at height depends on effective inspection of your fall protection equipment before and after use.

Harnesses, retractable lanyards and static lines are effective in minimizing the risk of working at height - but, to do this properly they must be in good working order. Therefore this equipment must be used, stored, inspected and cleaned correctly.

All manufacturers require that an inspection per the product's manual is required before each use. If the inspection finds a defect, the product is to be removed from service and destroyed.

All agree that the final decision rests with the end user guided by the product's manual. There is no such thing as a 5 year service life. However, it is possible that harness and lanyard service life will be much shorter if inspections aren't done properly.

DBI/SALA for example states "The current DBI/SALA policy on the life of products is totally dependent on the condition of the item and not the age".

DBI Sala Harness and Lanyard Service Life Bulletin

Brasco Safety can inspect, industrially clean, and service an array of fall protection equipment. It is recommended that all safety equipment be inspected at least annually by a third party, competent person as defined in the regulations. Brasco Safety inspectors are factory trained and certified experienced personnel who specialize in inspecting and servicing safety equipment. In addition, they follow documented inspection criteria developed by the manufacturers and incorporated into our inspection service. This ensures a thorough inspection every time.