Our Story


Brasco Safety was founded with a rebellious spirit and lofty objective; to offer innovative safety equipment. We offer kick ass safety PPE for hard working men and women. When you purchase high quality safety gear it puts your mind at ease and you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Although we are relative new comers to the safety supply industry we were taught to be ambitious, industrious and challenge the status quo.

We have utilized the vast safety and manufacturing experience from our President, Rick Guenette, our CFO Brenda Petruk and the talented individuals that make up our team to provide you high quality, comfortable and fashionable PPE.

In the process Brasco Safety became the distributing partner for the XP safety eye wear in Canada.

Every decision we make as a business is an effort to present you with better choices. You will choose to wear these products every day without breaking the bank. You'll never toss out our eye wear after just one use. In this business we not only want to keep you safe but make you look and feel good.